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Montreal Christmas Markets: Immerse yourself in the Holidays season

The first lights have already started decorating the balconies of the most enthusiastic for a few weeks, lighting up hasty evenings with their colors. It all seems like this year's situation did not prevent the Christmas spirit from taking hold of the city, on the contrary. If little by little the landscape is changing, at the Atwater Market, the atmosphere is totally conquered by the magic of the holiday season and invites us to dive in.

Trees, garlands, lights, elves, Santa Claus, bells, music, the 5th edition of the Christmas Village seems to have kicked off the festive season. In the traditional Christmas tree market, families choose which tree they like best from the hundreds of beautiful trees on display. Others buy garlands with a red ribbon curled above or otherwise colorful wooden figurines and sculptures to complete the decorations. ''We don't stop a minute. This year we have already sold a lot, '' says a salesman, tying a tree on the top of a car. `` There are a lot of people, I think people want to go out, '' simply observes a lady at a figurine kiosk. Behind her, children run and hide between the trees lit by garlands. Further on, people line up to enter the Christmas Village where local artisans display their talents and distinguished


If you are looking to experience the magic of the holiday season, the Christmas markets will take you right into it. Every weekend until December 20, The Christmas Village at the Atwater Market is open to welcome you and from December 4, the Jean-Talon Market is hosting its very first real Christmas market!

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